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1. Sign up

In order to have an account with Let's Heat you’ll need to submit some of your documents first. We need you to upload the following documents along with your information:

• Your liability insurance • Your qualifications • Your basic DBS • Your Gas Safe Card

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2. Set up

When we finish checking out your details, we’ll contact you to go through our technical questions & answers. You’ll be able to login to our site and begin setting availability immediately after you have been verified. You have the ability to set the type of work you want and when you are free to do it.

You can contact us if you have any questions.


3. Accepting Jobs

The minute you accept a job, you will be able to unlock all the details. We will do our part by ordering the materials you need. They will be delivered to the site or you can pick them up on your way to the job. You will need to do a full submission of the works you complete during the installation process. Afterwards, our team of engineers will audit the job.


4. Getting paid

After a successful submission, you will get paid within a period of 10 days. Here at Let’s Heat, we pay our engineers industry leading rates. As you know, there’s a flat rate for the type of installation you complete. You will also be paid extras for the extra job you do.

Contact us if you want to see a copy of our rate card.

Engineer Benefits

Because we care about our installers, you can rest assured that you will get the best benefits with Let’s Heat.

Get your payment, fast

Once you submit a quality job, you shall get paid the following week. You can bet on it.

We got your back

You don’t need to buy any materials or spend money on advertising. At the end of the day, the profit is yours to take.

You’re the boss

You can choose where you want to work, the time most suitable for you, and how often you want to work.

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Join Let’s Heat today and become part of our team. Take the advantage of the best pay rates, regular work and our fast payouts. Fill in your details and get started.

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